Working From Home: 5 Benefits

Working from Home: 5 Benefits


Living in a world with technology and a pandemic has made working at home a realistic option for many people. But, moving your work life into your home might make you nervous about how to manage both when they collide. Are you still looking for ways to make the best of working from home? Read a few of the benefits you can appreciate when you work from home.


1. More time for hobbies and things you enjoy

What are you passionate about? What is something that you want to be passionate about? With so much time saved from commuting and office lunches, you can explore your hobbies and spend more time doing leisure or learning activities that you enjoy. From USA Today, here are a few activities in which those who are spending more time at home are participating:

  • Create or appreciate art
  • Gardening
  • Writing letters to loved ones
  • Stay up-to-date with current events
  • Discover your voice and opinions through writing
  • Cook new home cooked meals


2. Save money

With less money spent on gas for commuting and eating out during the week, you will save money more easily and naturally!


3. More time spent with family home

Finding a balance between work life and family life can be very difficult. In fact, many people end up spending more time working for their career than they do connecting and enjoying time with their family members. Maybe you even feel like you have to fit family time into your schedule because of all the demands of life. Working from home saves you an incredible amount of time; time that you can now spend with your family! Some of the most special, tender moments in family relationships happen unintentionally and randomly. So, don’t forget the importance of eating a quick lunch or going for a short walk with your spouse or kids in between meetings over zoom while you are working from home.


4. Flexible schedule

Working from home gives you a more flexible schedule. When your office is in your home, you can essentially work on and complete many tasks on your own time. Feeling burned out in the middle of the day? Get away from your screen and go for a walk! Then, come back to your work when you can be more productive in the evening.



Although working from home requires adjustments to your daily norm, there are so many benefits that come along with it. What are some of the benefits you have noticed or are looking forward to as a result of working from home?




Authored by Lauren Woodbury