Will the Shutdown Delay Your Tax Refund?



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Whether or not you’re following the government shutdown, eventually it could affect you. For most people, life has continued as normal since the federal government decided to shut down late last year. 

If you don’t work for the government, then chances are you haven’t noticed any significant changes to your daily routine. However, the 2019 tax season officially kicked off on January 28. And the shutdown could start to affect just about everyone at that time. 

While the IRS has said it will begin accepting tax returns on the 28, that doesn’t mean taxpayers will get their refunds on time. Much of the IRS staff will not be working during the shutdown. An IRS spokesperson would not say how long the delay would need to last for tax refunds to be delayed. 

However, for the millions of taxpayers that file early, a delay is very likely. But that doesn’t mean you should wait to file. Even if you choose to wait, it’s still a good idea to get everything ready to file your return. If refunds do take longer to be processed, by filing early, your refund will be one of the first ones processed when the IRS does start issuing refunds.


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Bill Evans