What’s Love Got to Do With Leadership?



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What’s the most important attribute of a good leader? While it’s difficult to pinpoint one single overarching attribute, exceptional leaders usually have love. One of the main reasons for this is that love brings out the best in people, no matter the situation. 

So if you’re a leader looking to get the most out of the people you lead, then learn to love them. Here’s how you can lead with love

Always be encouraging – whenever someone is struggling, give him or her hope by offering encouragement. It might be the difference they need. 

Show appreciation – make sure you show those you lead appreciation whenever possible. Let them know when they’ve done something good. 

Be flexible and empathetic – set the expectations and be prepared to enforce them. But you should also be sensitive to others’ needs. 

Listen – leaders who love know how to truly listen. They’re open to ideas and suggestions from those they lead. They aren’t afraid to keep learning and growing. 

Teach, don’t criticize – people will make mistakes. No one is perfect. But rather than criticize, leaders who love take those moments to teach and train. That makes a huge difference in helping people learn from their mistakes and get better. 

Mean what you say – it’s easy to pretend to care. But good leaders really do care about the people they lead. So when you ask someone how he or she is doing, make sure you mean it.


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Bill Evans