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What Type of Person Should Every Business Leader Hire?

As a business leader you have a lot of responsibilities. In fact, depending on your exact position in the company you work for, you might be the one responsible for all the major decisions that have to be made. As an effective and successful leader you know that some of the most important decisions you will make will be the people you choose to hire. After all, even the greatest business leaders can?t do it alone. Who you choose to hire could end up making or breaking your company, so you have to hire the right people, especially for the most important positions. So what kinds of employees should you be looking for?

Not Looking for a ?Yes Man?

In any business, you?ll find employees with all kinds of different personalities. So if you think about all the different people you need bring on, who are the most important people a leader can hire? In other words, which kinds of employees are going to make the biggest difference in your company? Most bosses like when people get behind them and help move their agenda forward. However, believe it or not, the kind of person you need the most is the kind of person that will let you know when you are wrong.

Surround Yourself With Free Thinkers

So, why are these kinds of people so important to a business? The fact is, people that are able to see things that other people can?t and aren?t afraid to question the status quo, especially when that direction comes from the top, are often the same people that introduce new ideas and concepts that lead company to places never thought possible. Those outside-of-the-box ideas also often lead to major successes. This is one more reason that investors in startup companies should always look very closely at the employees that those company?s leaders surround themselves with.

Easier Said Than Done

The problem is this can be difficult because many leaders want their executives to get in line and follow suit. At the same time, junior level executives don?t want to rock the boat and put their job at risk. These two factors combined make it difficult to hire these types of people. However, for those who figure this concept out and implement it into their hiring practices, the results can be extremely beneficial. For example, Warren Buffet, one of the world?s richest people often invites these types of individuals to his company?s shareholder meetings. While one can only speculate on how these meetings go, the strategy would appear to be working, based on the enormous success of Buffet?s company, Berkshire Hathaway.

Hire Those Who Will Tell You You?re Wrong

The bottom line is if you are a business leader who makes the hiring decisions for your company, then you need to consider all kinds of employees in order to help your company achieve success. However, the most important kind of person is going to be the person that is willing to tell you that you just might be wrong.

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