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What to Look for in a CEO?

Everyone’s career path is unique. For many young people the reality of choosing a career path after college can be very daunting. Unlike students with fairly clear career paths, like those who graduate from law school or medical school, most other students face a certain degree of uncertainty when they finish their schooling. However, even those with what would be considered a straightforward or defined career path, don’t always end up on the same path they started. In any case, it can be a challenge for many young people to find their way in their career and achieve professional success because their path is not clearly defined. So what should young people who find themselves in this situation do?

Advice From a Man With Experience
I recently invited Tad Taube to be a guest on my weekly radio program: American Dreams: Keys to Life’s Success. Tad is a businessman in the Bay area with a wealth of experience. Currently he serves as the chairman of Taube Philanthropies and board president emeritus of the Koret Foundation in San Francisco. He is also chairman and founder of the Woodmont Companies, a diversified real estate investment and management organization. Tad was born into humble beginnings in Poland and after immigrating to the U.S. in 1939 and serving as an officer in the U.S. Air Force, his career path has taken many unexpected twists and turns in directions he never would have suspected to travel.

Be In Tune and Receptive
I spoke with Tad about the challenge that many young people face when they graduate and the uncertainty and anxiety they can feel. “My advice there is stop worrying and just get into the flow,” Tad said. He continued: “But at all times keep your antennas finely tuned for something that’s going on; for anything that’s going on around you. The world has a very strange way of generating opportunities if you’re tuned and receptive to it.” Tad shared his own career path experience as an example. He noted that he has had nine separate careers in his lifetime and that only one of those was a career he selected. After his first career choice, which was part of an arrangement through the honors program at Stanford, he ended up taking eight other separate roads simply because he was in tune. He said after the first career, “it was all antennas.”

Is You Antenna Tuned?
The moral of the story is to be aware of any career possibilities that you might come across and if you are doing your best to be in tune, then you will likely come across opportunities that you would never have imagined. So get your antennas out and make sure they are always finely tuned. You never know what signals you might pick up.

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