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What Makes a Great Boss Unforgettable?

Have you ever had one of “those” bosses? You know the type. The kind of person that walks around like a prison guard, always peering over your shoulder through his or her mirrored glasses, ready to pounce on you like a lion at the first sign of trouble. Of course, this is one kind of “ugly” boss that no one ever enjoys being around. Unfortunately, there are many more bad bosses out there and sometimes the damage they do is irreparable.

People Like to Work for Good Bosses

The fact is people don’t typically leave companies because they don’t like the company. Sure, it happens, but if a person leaves a company he or she likes it is often because of an overbearing boss, or just a bad boss in general, no matter the personality type. On the other hand, many people will stay in a job that may not be the best situation overall simply because they like their boss and enjoy working for him or her. So what makes a good boss good? What kinds of things do they do that bad boss could only dream of doing?

• Passionate – A great boss loves what he or she does, whether it’s the job or life in general. Good bosses are passionate. If your boss doesn’t care then why would you care? A great boss believes in what he or she is doing and they help motivate others to join them in their journey.

• Welcoming Diversity – Good bosses are open to diversity. In other words, they see the value of having a diverse group of individuals and ideas, instead of just a bunch of lemmings that simply get in line and follow everyone else. A good boss knows how to use people’s strengths in order to help them and the company be successful.

• Willing to Sacrifice – When something goes wrong some bosses will gladly hang their employees out to dry instead of taking the fall. On the other hand, an unforgettable boss will put him or herself in harm’s way when appropriate to save the employee.

• Unflustered – A great boss can remain calm no matter how bad the storm. They don’t let the prevailing “disaster” take them down. Instead, they think on their feet, stay calm, evaluate, and then act accordingly to resolve the problem.

• Reliable – Good bosses don’t have two faces. In other words, they are the same person all the time, in both good and bad situations. They don’t try to hide anything, and they don’t leave their employees confused by going back and forth.

• Relatable – A great boss is someone who can relate to you and your situation. They have empathy, they’re personable, and they’re warm. They do not put themselves above everyone else, and they aren’t afraid to show emotion, but at the same time, they can control it when they need to.

Be a Great Boss

If you have the opportunity to lead, then be sure you lead like a great boss. Those under your charge will follow if they trust you and realize you have their back. Be a great boss and inspire those with whom you work.

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