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What Are SMART Goals and How Do I Keep Them?

Setting goals can be a very worthwhile way to spend your time. It is commonly known the many benefits of setting and keeping goals, so why can it be so hard? As someone who is not naturally inclined at successfully following through with goals, I have learned some tips to improve your goal setting! I will list out the SMART ways of setting goals, while incorporating what I have learned with time.

  • Specific 

Don’t leave yourself guessing when it comes to the goals you set. When goals are vague, it adds an extra step in the process of keeping them. When they are specific, you are able to move straight to the action and skip the step of thinking and deciding. Especially when you are not used to your new goals or habits, eliminating any extra “fluff” will make it that much easier to follow through with the plans.

  • Measurable

Thomas S. Monson said “When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates.” Accountability is key. Whether it is a friend following up every day, or a zoom call with your family member every month, when you know someone is going to follow up with you, you are more likely to get the task accomplished. 

  • Achievable

Sometimes setting small goals that take minimal effort will boost your morale as you accomplish them. It is good to stretch yourself, but when you set multiple goals that are never accomplished, you will feel discouraged eventually. Find the balance of setting quick and easy goals and long term goals. You will be motivated as you grow!

  • Relevant

It is pertinent that you feel excited to reach the goals you set. You will not push to reach your goal if it is not a relevant thing you want to achieve. When you set a goal, make sure it is something that affects you and your life in a positive way. Don’t make a bunch of goals just for the sake of doing so, because you will lack true desire to accomplish them. When there is good reasoning behind goals that are relevant to your stage in life, you will find it easier to put in the work to meet those goals. 

  • Timely 

Don’t let yourself wish forever. When you don’t limit yourself with your goals, you will have no push to accomplish them. Setting a beginning and an end date will make it easier to measure and plan for. This may also push you to put in the extra work. If you know that there is only a certain amount of time for you to accomplish something, your daily effort will have to increase. This does not mean every goal has to be rushed and short. Just make sure you have an end in mind. 


Now is your time to improve your goal setting! By implementing the SMART method of setting goals, you can see more results in your journey of goal setting. 


-Written by Hannah Judd

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