What a $1000 Investment in Tesla 8 Years Ago Is Worth Now



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Have you ever fancied yourself zooming around in a Tesla? Perhaps you already own one of these amazing vehicles. You might even own stock in the company. Many Tesla drivers have also invested in the company. So what is that investment worth? 

At the time of this writing, Tesla Shares were worth roughly $320 each. No doubt that makes this an expensive stock to get into currently. But what about eight years ago? How much would your investment be worth now if you had purchased Tesla stock back in 2010?  That all depends on how many shares you purchased. 

For example, if you had put $1,000 into Tesla eight years ago, at $17 per share, and held onto all of your shares, that investment would now be worth nearly $19,000. At the time of this writing (Dec. 20) Tesla shares were valued at $320 each. That means the shares have increased to nearly 19 times their original value. 

Although the company has a seen a big drop in recent days – shares were valued at nearly $368 each on December 12 – that’s still a number to get excited about. If you were one of the lucky, or smart, ones that invested in the company, then no doubt you’re enjoying your gains.


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