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Valuable Business Etiquette – 7 Tips to Change Your Work Life


In the business world, there are several expectations in dress, speech, and behavior. For someone getting an office job for the first time or working more with managers, it can be embarrassing when you do something out of place or say something considered inappropriate in a particular setting. These tips on business etiquette will help you learn how to act in the workplace and feel confident.


1. Introduce yourself

First impressions can be a strong foundation for a relationship. They can start the relationship on a good note or leave an unsettling impression. When starting a new job or meeting a new coworker, it is courteous to introduce yourself. Do this by saying your name while giving them a brief yet firm handshake. Remember their name. You could even repeat their name back to them as you say goodbye. They will appreciate your kindness and most likely remember your name because you remembered them.

2. Show respect

Perhaps one of the essential qualities in the workplace is respect for your coworkers. Some ways to treat others with respect are greeting them each morning, asking them how they’re doing, getting to know them, listening to their ideas, and not speaking negatively about them. These things seem small, but they go a long way, and your colleagues will respect you as you create a culture of respect in the workplace.

3. Focus on Work

It is important to keep conversations appropriate for a work setting. Get to know your coworkers, but avoid controversial topics and unprofessional language. 

4. Be Prompt

Being on time and prepared shows you care about your work and give your best effort in all you do. Make it a habit to arrive at work on time. Give yourself ample time before work to get ready for your day. Also, leave early enough if traffic is slow on your way to work. If you arrive late, you should work late to compensate for the time lost.

5. Dress Appropriately

Each office has a different standard of dress in its work environment. Some offices are laid back, and others have more strict dress codes. Make sure to always dress in a way that helps everyone feel comfortable. You can also watch how your manager dresses and follow their example.

6. Be Mindful of Volume

A good rule of thumb is to avoid offending others in the workplace. An easy way to disturb someone is by being too loud. Whether you are listening to music, talking with a coworker, or having lunch, always be mindful of volume level and treat others how you would like to be treated.


7. Let Others Speak

This advice could be to team members or even to a boss and his workers. Always let others speak to weigh valuable opinions. Also, don’t be afraid to speak up and speak your mind. There is a reason you are there, and your opinion and perspective could be what the company needs. Give everyone time to finish their thoughts while they are speaking. Then you can offer what you want to say. When everyone gets a chance to talk without being interrupted, they feel like what they have to share is heard and valued.


If taken seriously, these simple tips on business etiquette can shape your future as you become someone whom people enjoy. You will be more productive and respected by those around you. Other benefits such as salary increases and promotions might occur as you are a genuinely good person and an effective employee. Implement these skills and establish a culture of respect and productivity in your company.

Authored by Carter Walch

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