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Unusual Habits Creative People Have in Common

If you spend some time considering some of the most creative people in the world and the many contributions they’ve made to society, you will surely be amazed. From Steve Jobs and Bill Gates in the tech industry to Warren Buffet in the business world, as well as the long list of actors and other performers in the entertainment industry, some of the most successful people in the world are also some of the most creative. Over the years, I’ve met and spent time with many successful and creative people from all walks of life, and I’ve learned numerous valuable lessons from them.

Get The Juices Flowing

Of course, not all creative people are alike. In fact, their uniqueness is often what feeds their creativity. However, there are certain habits that many creative people have in common that, in some way or another, help them squeeze their creative juices to the fullest.

• They Like to Change Things Up – Creative people always seem to be looking for ways to do things differently. Even when they find something that works, creative people aren’t afraid to try something new and enjoy different experiences. These new experiences and adventures fuel their creativity even further. They are always looking to broaden their horizons. ? They Like to Watch – Creative people are very observant. They are always taking things in, including their surroundings and the things going on around them. Creative people like to people-watch and use this habit to learn more about others, as well as themselves. It can be a great way to gain insight into problems and situations they are dealing with while learning to appreciate differences in everyone.

• They Keep a Schedule – While it might seem like adhering to a strict, set schedule would stymie creative thinking, the opposite is true. Creative thinkers follow a schedule because it allows them to prioritize and focus only on the task at hand. This, in turn, enables them to free their minds and experience new and creative ways of thinking.

• They Enjoy a Good Sweat – Who likes to exercise? Honestly, most people don’t, but creative people can usually be found exercising at least several times a week. It’s been proven time and again that exercise not only helps you feel better physically but also emotionally. Furthermore, exercise is great for the brain. In fact, one study from Stanford University indicated that 90 percent of people are more creative after exercising.

• They Always Work – It’s not that creative people never stop working, but they are always ready to work, no matter the time of day or where they are. Some of the best ideas come in the most unexpected times and places, which means you must be ready to work at a moment’s notice. Creative people understand that the perfect idea won’t always come at the best time or in the ideal place, so they are ready to work anytime and anywhere.

• They are Early Risers – While it’s true that not everyone is a morning person, many of the world’s most creative people are early risers. Many creative thinkers do their best work in the morning when their minds are fresh and there are fewer distractions to slow them down.

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