Understanding the Importance of Time Management


By Victor Ghebre
Updated: 12/12/12

One of the most non-renewable resources most of us have in our lives is time. No matter how hard we work or how much we strive to accomplish time is always our enemy. However, learning to get a handle on time can be one of the best steps we take in our working lives. Understanding the importance of time management is an important step.


Here are a few of the benefits.

Setting Priorities

When you understand the importance of time management, you can enjoy one of the biggest benefits: the ability to prioritize more effectively. For example, let’s say you have three projects that need to be completed.

How to understand the importance of time? By understanding how to use time management to your advantage, you can begin arranging your projects in the most effective method. If Project A needs to be done today, clearly it should be done today. If Project B and Project C are due in three days, however, you may have a harder time deciding which one to work on first. Time management skills will help you make those decisions.

Making You Finish Unpleasant Tasks

Let’s be honest, not everything you do in your job is going to be enjoyable. It’s those very things that seem the least enjoyable which are the ones you are least likely to want to do and are more likely to procrastinate about. The importance of time management is that it can change that by making you do the things you don’t want to do.

Keeping Track of Deadlines

Without good time management skills, it’s easier to get overwhelmed by all of the projects you’ll be asked to do at once. You may not know which ones to work on first. You may even become confused about when the deadlines are coming up. Having a good grasp of the importance of time management can change everything, however.

For example, you’ll be able to organize your assignments in a realistic manner to ensure that everything is completed in a timely fashion. You can become a better user of schedules, calendars, and agendas. You’ll understand how to make sure of lists and how to delegate work in order to meet the deadlines you have.

Learning to Say No

A consequence of figuring out the importance of time management is that you’ll also learn how to tell other people no. One of the biggest problems face in the workplace is being overwhelmed with their workload because they don’t know how to turn down other people who try to pass the buck. Although it might be important sometimes to concede and take on projects at the request of higher ups, it’s a good idea to learn how to refuse the requests of your co-workers.

The bottom line is that time management is a critical part of long-term success in business. When you recognize the importance of these skills and learn how to apply them accordingly, you’ll see positive results in your own performance.

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