Triple Platinum Voice


Triple Platinum Voice

Lori Glori has sung all over the world, from San Francisco to Buckingham Palace, however it wasn’t until she had her voice stolen, and had it go triple platinum, that she was able to find God…

About Lori Glori:

At a very young age Lori started singing Gospel music in her hometown of San Francisco. She went on to be the front female vocalist for Bill Summers and Summers Heat with the hit songs: “Call It What You Want”, “Straight To The Bank”, “Jam The Box”, “At The Concert” and more. Later, the group went on to do a major European tour at the end of which Lori opted to stay in Europe.

While in Europe she teamed up with Dance Music Productions (DMP), where Lori Glori became one of the first artists to kick off the era of Euro Dance, the new sound of the 90s. She entered the era with the song “Intermission”, and soon after, with her powerful voice and electrifying stage presence, landed in the Top 100 charts, with a peak position of 8. She went on to help create the songs “Six Days”, as well as “Give Peace A Chance” and “Piece of my Heart”. All this leading up to a collaboration with Dj Bobo.

Lori Glori became the voice behind the many Hits of Dj Bobo, such as “Let the Dream Come”, “There’s a Party”, “Shadows of the Night”, “Pray”, “Respect Yourself”, and many more, all of which went triple Platinum. However, after working with Bobo, Lori made the decision to return back to her roots in Gospel music and God.

Now she travels the world as a motivational speaker and singer, sharing her incredible life saving, and heart touching testimony of how God brought her back from the edge, and is guiding her in her life today.

Recently, Lori recently finished recording her latest album “Show Me The Way” which focuses on her testimony of God’s influence on her in her life.

Lori is now available to do Concerts, Conferences, Seminars, and Workshops.

To listen to Lori Glori’s music look her up on iTunes, Amazon, or visit her website.

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