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Top Gifts for this Christmas Season

It’s that time of the year again! Lots of last-minute shoppers will be hunting through department stores for the perfect gift for their loved ones. With so many new and exciting products and technologies that have been released over the past year, it’s hard to know what the “perfect gift” is. We’ve tried to make it a little easier for you with Groco’s top 10 gifts for this Christmas season. So take a look, holiday shoppers and see if you find something that catches your eye!

1. SensorWake–$109
sensor wake 300x169 2
Give your loved ones a new kind of wakeup call! Sensorwake is a new type of alarm clock that allows individuals a selection of aromas to wake up to. The company currently offers seaside, croissant, espresso, chocolate, peppermint, and grass as your wakeup scents. This gift is unique but will offer a new great way of waking up for the new year!. Sensorwake sells for $109.

2. Hatchimal–$69.99
hatchimal 300x300 2
Hatchimals is one of the hottest kid toys out this season! This real-life Tamagatchi will actually hatch after you show it some love by singing, talking, and playing with it. Once you see the egg cracking you know it’s go-time. Not only will it hatch but it will continue to develop through 3 stages of childhood-baby, toddler, and kid. It will sing “Hatchy Birthday” when it reaches the next stage. Your kids will be entertained for hours! Hatchimals can be bought from Toys R Us for $69.99. You better buy one quick though they are selling out fast!

3. Fitbit Surge–$249.99
fitbit surge 259x300 2
The Fitbit Surge is the perfect gift for friends and family as they make plans to improve their health for the coming new year. This is FitBit’s smartest watch yet that tracks heart rate, activity, calories, GPS, sleep, and much more! Its functionality allows users to train smarter. The FitBit Surge can be bought for $249.99 from FitBit’s website.

4. KSafe–$49
Do you know somebody that lacks self-control? Or maybe you need to gift yourself this Kitchen Safe this Christmas? You can lock whatever you want into this Safe from chocolate chip cookies to the television remote. A time is set and the safe will not unlock until the designated time. No overrides! This would be a great tool in helping out those new year resolutions! The KSafe sells for $49.

5. Playstation VR–$19.99
playstationvr 300x175 2
This virtual reality headset is the perfect gift for your gaming buddies. This VR headset was comfortably designed to make it feel like it isn’t even there, giving you the most real-life experience. The PlayStation VR sells for $399 at Walmart.

6. Speak Out–$19.99
speak out 300x300 2
Get one of the funniest games of the season. SpeakOut will keep you laughing out loud for hours as you try to say random phrases with a mouthguard in your mouth. You can get the game on Amazon for $19.99.

7. Anki Cozmo $199.99
anki cozmo 300x300 2
This real-life robot is for that little kid that always needs someone to play with! Cozmo is smart, curious, and bit mischievous! Cozmo expresses real emotions in response to your actions. This robot has a one of a kind personality that evolves the more you hang out. Anki Cozmo can be found for $199.99 from Toys R Us.

8. Yeti Rambler–$19.99
yeti 300x300 2
We all recognize the well-known brand of Yeti but did you know they have recently developed a series of drinkware that can fit in your hand!? These Yeti Tumblers are sure to keep your coffee hot in the winter or lemonade ice cold in the summers and did we mention that they are basically indestructible. Yeti Tumblers are hot this season! They start at $19.99 from Yeti’s website.

9. Kitchenaid–$399.99
kitchenaid 300x192 2
Kitchenaid is still very popular in the kitchen and sought-after by basically everyone that enjoys cooking! This high powered mixer can do it all from whipping egg whites to kneading bread dough. There is no-knead to slave in the kitchen mixing by hand anymore (pun intended). Kitchenaid start at $399.99

10. Sunflower Home Awareness System–$25
sunflower 300x189 1
This top of the line security system uses drone technology to ensure that your property is safe and sound. Smart lights are placed throughout your property and when a light or sound is detected you can send your drone over to investigate and watch live from your device. Reservations are currently being taken for $25.

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