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Top 5 Must Have Social Media Apps Released in 2016

We’re all on it. Checking our phones for Facebook notifications, WhatsApp messages, or sending Snapchat pictures. Whatever your preferred platform may be, it’s safe to say that social media seems to take up a big part of our lives, being accessible now more than ever. I think it’s easy to forget that new social apps and websites are being launched every month, some of which may be the “next hot thing,” there’s only one way of determining what is “hot” and what is not, try it!

1. Yubl

Imagine WhatsApp and Snapchat had a kid, add some great new features and you have Yubl. Yubl allows you to chat with the general public or friends using text, pictures or both. A great feature of Yubl is sticker polls. What are sicker polls? Well imagine you and a group of friends want to meet up, instead of messaging each individually, you can put an interactive sticker poll on your message. “Want to meet at 7 pm or 8 pm?” Each friend would push what time works best for them and you all get the results. It’s just a way of making life a little simpler.

2. Gripp

What’s your story? With Gripp, you can tell it! Gripp is an app that allows you to post pictures onto a continuous story for the world to view! Imagine you want to show everyone the amazing dinner you made and how to make it, give them a step by step tutorial with Gripp. Or maybe you want everyone to see the fun day you’re having at the ball game, you can do that too! The easy to use platform allows you to swipe through and follow stories you love! (For more on Gripp click here !)

3. Net Around

You’re at a conference with hundreds of other people, but you’re looking for a specific person that potentially could be your next employer, how do you find them in the crowd? Net Around acts as a virtual business card with email, phone number and other important contact information allowing you to connect with people much easier. It’s simple to use and a great idea for the professional networking app industry. A group admin will create a group that you and anyone else at a conference, business, school or event can add to, everyone who is present in that group will have all their contact information visible, making it easier to get in contact and meet up! (For more on Net Around click here! )

4. Talkshow

Imagine texting to the entire world, and forming your own show out of it. Talkshow allows you to publicly text your friends through their mobile app platform. Not only can you text publicly but you can also view text conversations that others are having, invite friends to your own text show or follow others.

5. Anchor

Maybe you heard a really awesome quote, or you want to tell a funny experience that happened to you, Anchor allows you to publish audio pieces for all to hear. “Radio by the people,” their slogan goes and its simple app platform allows you to listen to and follow users as well as create your own “waves” as they call them, comment and reply to others via your own voice.

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