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ArticlesBusiness and leadershipThese Leadership Traits Define Your Toughness

These Leadership Traits Define Your Toughness

These Leadership Traits Define Your Toughness

History is full of famous leaders that were recognized for their toughness. That doesn’t mean they were tough on those they led. It means they were tough in the most difficult moments. Always finding a way to rise to the occasion when things got hard. Yes, leaders have power, but leadership toughness means using that power to overcome difficult situations, not to boss people around.

So how do you become a “tough” leader, able to battle through the hardest challenges? What leadership traits will allow you to face trials head on and come out on top?

Top Toughness Traits

Be Humble – being the leader doesn’t mean you know everything. You must be humble and accept the fact that you don’t have all the answers. In fact, showing humility will help others trust you more.

Follow Your Gut – as a leader you might face some self-doubt. But it’s very important to trust your instinct. So, when self-doubt creeps in, remember someone saw something in you. So, listen to your inner self.

Take Ownership – you must take ownership of your responsibilities, including your team. That means when things go bad, ultimately you must accept responsibility. And when you make mistakes, own them. Your team members will learn to do the same.

Keep Learning from Others – back to that humility lesson. Never stop trying to learn from others. In fact, you should seek out people who know more than you so you can learn as much as you can from them. This not only shows humility, but it also earns you respect from your team. Plus, it sets the example that they should keep learning, too.

Challenge yourself – tough leaders are never afraid to take on challenges. They actually seek competition because they know it will push them to achieve more. Tough leaders are at their best when they’re under pressure. And competition creates pressure. Plus, when you win, those victories will feel even better.

Have the Hard Conversations – one of the hardest things leaders do is deliver tough news. But if you want to have more toughness you must face these uncomfortable conversations with directness and kindness.

Learn from Your Weaknesses – anyone can find fault in other people. But recognizing and facing your own weaknesses will make you a much tougher leader.

Develop Your Leadership Toughness – All of these are important traits to develop if you want to increase your leadership toughness. Learning these and other leadership traits will help you get tougher. Then when the trials and struggles come, you’ll be ready to face them head on and come out on top.

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