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ArticlesBusiness and leadershipThe Three Steps to Developing an Effective Personal Development Plan

The Three Steps to Developing an Effective Personal Development Plan

The Three Steps to Developing an Effective Personal Development Plan
Author: Ron Subs
Posted: 7/13/10

Effective personal development is the key to finding true self-reliance and control. From communicating with others at work, dealing with situations at home, and even mastering money, personal development is the greatest way to achieve satisfaction in your life. Regardless of your specific goal, whether it be seeking higher education or simply how to better mange your expenses for a brighter future, your personal development plan will help you discover exactly who you are in life and what you want out of your life. Discovering one’s true self and learning how to use your natural talents and personal drives to accomplish your goal is a key component of any personal development plan.


The first step to personal development is accountability. You must first be held responsible for all your actions or inactions. You must step up and finally admit what it is that is holding you back from developing into the person you want to become. For those seeking better money management, admit your splurges, learn how to control or if possible, eliminate some of them altogether, and then you can accomplish a greater sense of satisfaction at the end of the month, instead of spending time on the phone, making arrangements with creditors because you’ve overspent your budget. Accountability is one of the toughest steps to an effective personal development plan. It requires that you be very honest with who you are and what you have been over the past years. It may be hard to thoroughly examine yourself in the necessary way, but once you have decided on your course of action, you will find it easier to address your situation and make the needed changes.

The second step to effective personal development is establishing a list of goals. You must figure out exactly where you want to be in life and when exactly do you plan to have it accomplished. The goal setting is the easiest part of personal development. It helps define what you want, where you will get it from, and when you plan to have it. You will already have found that you have created an introductory set of goals when you first started on your personal development strategy. Here is where you will go over your personal goals, eliminate the ones that will not help you meet your end goal, and keep the ones that will help you discover true personal satisfaction. After you have your goals, figure out which ones are short-term goals, or one to five year goals, and which are long term, five to ten year goals. This will aid in the creation of the specific patterns and habits you will have to alter to meet your goals.

The third step to personal development is choosing your course of action. This is the part where you actually strive to obtain your goals. This is the most difficult part of personal development. To satisfy your short-term goals, develop personal habits. For a financial goal , develop a savings pattern. For other goals, like perhaps trying to curse less or attend church more, develop habits that will aid in this goal. Develop a reward and punishment system for each goal. For long term goals, the approach is similar. Develop personal habits and patterns that will aid in the satisfaction of these goals as well. Most importantly, though, be patient and understand success will not come overnight and it will take time, practice, and dedication before you find yourself exactly where you plan to be.

Although personal development is one of the most sought after development plans, it is very stressful. Lifestyles and personal habits will need to be changed or eliminated. However in the end, you will find the greatest satisfaction in knowing you yourself, have accomplished exactly what you set out to do. That is a tremendous feeling and one well worth the effort.

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