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The New Normal for a Successful Mindset

The New Normal for a Successful Mindset
The New Normal for a Successful Mindset

The pandemic has forced us to think differently and to quickly adapt to changes we would have previously considered very unlikely. It is not good luck, rather a strong and responsible leadership ethic of any company fully prepared to change to a Work-from-home scenario when the Corona Virus hit.

The New Normal Mindset #1 – We are Chasing Technology

Technology is ahead of where we think it actually is. The learning curve of human beings has been overtaken by technology in the past couple of years, but due to exponential growth, it is now getting uncomfortable for some of us to accept. If we give credence to the fact technology is going to get a lot smarter than most humans, we need to learn how to utilize technology to apply it to our needs. When the steam machine took over muscles and hard men’s work, engineers utilized that power and used it to their advantage.

The New Normal Mindset #2 – Flexibility is the Ultimate Perk

When the pandemic hit the world, our leaders were unclear how to handle it and the Nation’s population were forced to make decisions based on trial and error. There was less stability in our daily lives and confusion about what and who we could trust and rely upon. As human beings thrive on routine and security, we are accustomed to a world where we need not take unnecessary risk. Now that the world around us is constantly changing, flexibility has become the new golden thread which guides us through the uncertainties. Flexibility keeps our thought processes agile and without realizing it, or perhaps even believing it, moves us forward.

The New Normal Mindset #3 – Be a Futurist
Technology, business methodologies, environmental challenges, Work-Life-Balance, it comes down to building a system around oneself. The assistance and guidance of one’s career, family and friends influence one’s personal success and even their downfall. Each of us needs to be a futurist by both looking forward to where we want to be in 10 years and looking back to where we were 10 years ago. Mostly likely any person would say they have changed quite a bit in the last decade, so we need to embrace the idea that change will continue to occur in the world and in our personal lives. Therefore, live in the present but think like a futurist!

The New Normal Mindset #4 – Create Change

Many of us would accurately describe the last year in words of despair, sorrow, anxiety and anger. Conversely, change may be the best word to describe the year 2020. We must learn from the past to understand that change has always been how our world and environment evolves. Change is necessary and constant. Just as a gardener switches out the crops he grows with the changing seasons, we must be adaptable to change in order to survive.  If we ethically use technology to our advantage, allow flexibility in our positive goals and look to the future with adaptability, we will not only survive, we will each be part of making the world a better place.


We hope you enjoyed this article about the new normal for a successful mindset.  If you have any questions or need expert tax or family office advice that’s refreshingly objective (we never sell investments), please contact us at Info@GROCO.com or visit www.GROCO.com. Unfortunately, we no longer give advice to other tax professionals gratis.


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