The Man Who Will Eliminate World Hunger | Mazi Ghorbani

About Mazi Ghorbani

Mr. Ghorbani has been a serious entrepreneur and inventor, having founded and led several successful companies including being the founder and president of Advance International, Inc. and co-inventor of the Seavior System, Advance Protein Powder, and Super Omega 3 oil manufacturing. He is also the owner of a food ingredient products company, Red Gold Saffron. Also he is the co-founder of Pledge to Humanity, a non-profit organization dedicated to humanitarian relief around the world. He has pioneered innovative companies in various fields, such as AVA (Advanced Vehicle Armory) inventing numerous unique manufacturing methods and devices for executive protection vehicle manufacturing and Diamond Seal & Keytronics Vehicle Security Systems. His main passion is his efforts in fighting global starvation and malnutrition among children around the world.