The Inspiration for LinkedIn | Konstantin Guericke

About Konstantin Guericke

“I am a social architect with a passion for exploring the intersection of psychology, sociology and computing. I enjoy mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs, serving on boards and teaching.

As a son of high school teachers, I grew up in a small town in northern Germany. I have studied, lived and worked in Japan and traveled extensively in South-East Asia. My technical concentrations at Stanford were in artificial intelligence and reasoning under uncertainty.

Most of my industry experience is in consumer Internet-based communication services and social networking, but my background also includes freemium services, SaaS and immersive 3-D worlds. My interests include marketplaces, collaborative consumption, crowdsourcing, online-to-offline, pro-active services, software brains for autonomous vehicles, healthcare IT, the Internet of Things and productivity apps/services.

My proudest professional accomplishment so far is co-founding LinkedIn, but I also believe you learn at least as much from startups that didn’t work out as well.

Since 2012, I have shifted from sitting to walking meetings, and I have never looked back. Since I get more requests for advice than I can fulfill even though I dedicate significant time to free mentorship (you may get what you pay for!), please see the section “Advice for Contacting Konstantin” after my work & educational history before reaching out to me.” -Konstantin

GROCO Staff Writer