The Inspiration for LinkedIn


The Inspiration for LinkedIn

“When you need an investor, or business partner, its usually not someone who you know, but it’s often someone who you know knows” –Konstantin Guericke, Co-Founder of LinkedIn

About Konstantin Guericke:

“I am a social architect with a passion for exploring the intersection of psychology, sociology and computing. I enjoy mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs, serving on boards and teaching.

As a son of high school teachers, I grew up in a small town in northern Germany. I have studied, lived and worked in Japan and traveled extensively in South-East Asia. My technical concentrations at Stanford were in artificial intelligence and reasoning under uncertainty.

Most of my industry experience is in consumer Internet-based communication services and social networking, but my background also includes freemium services, SaaS and immersive 3-D worlds. My interests include marketplaces, collaborative consumption, crowdsourcing, online-to-offline, pro-active services, software brains for autonomous vehicles, healthcare IT, the Internet of Things and productivity apps/services.

My proudest professional accomplishment so far is co-founding LinkedIn, but I also believe you learn at least as much from startups that didn’t work out as well.

Since 2012, I have shifted from sitting to walking meetings, and I have never looked back. Since I get more requests for advice than I can fulfill even though I dedicate significant time to free mentorship (you may get what you pay for!), please see the section “Advice for Contacting Konstantin” after my work & educational history before reaching out to me.” -Konstantin

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