Over the years, the partners and staff at GROCO® have earned the appreciation and respect of their clients. This has been achieved through hard work, expertise, and a dedication to excellent service. Read the following testimonials to see how GROCO® has succeeded in not only meeting but surpassing client expectations.

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Praise for Greenstein, Rogoff, Olsen & Co.

“GROCO’s strong technical knowledge, integrity, and business expertise has been invaluable to me.  My family and I have trusted our team at GROCO with both business and personal financial planning issues for over thirty years.”

Tom Perkins
Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers

“GROCO has advised us with business solutions and tax strategies that that have continually put us in a financially lucrative position.  Unlike other firms, whenever I have a question, GROCO responds quickly, with well-researched answers and valuable input.”

Don Lucas
Sandhill Financial Group

Praise for Alan Olsen, Managing Partner

“Alan has been my friend and advisor for over 10 years.  During this period, I have experienced exceptional tax advice from Alan and his team at GROCO.”

Brett Huff
Intel Corporation

“Alan’s experience in stock options and tax planning have saved us a significant amount of time and money over the years.  His technical knowledge and skills are invaluable!”

Kamshal & Pawan Agrawal
Cisco Corporation

“Alan provides practical solutions to complex financial situations.  He and his team take the time to understand your complete financial situation in order to provide you with truly innovative solutions.  I know that my future and my family are in safe hands.”

Charles Roberts
Former CEO/Founder PrimeCredit

“Alan and his team at GROCO provide me financial peace of mind which helps me sleep well at night.”

Murat Sonmez
TIBCO Corporation

Praise for Groco.com

“Overall, this site was informative, fun, and a very nice diversion from typical CPA sites. The site is packed with useful information. By no means is it just a brochure with links to canned newsletters! GROCO also deserves huge kudos for listing their Business Valuation prices.”

Michelle Golden
Golden Web Review

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