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TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2016- SAP Hybris

Alan: Hi, this is Alan Olsen, and I’m here today with Samuel Schneider and he is with SAP Hybrid labs. Samuel, welcome to today’s show.

Samuel: Hi, thanks. Yeah that was Hybris and Hybris is an SAP company and we are here offering our API market place.

Alan: So I noticed all these candy dishes down here. Can you explain how the product works?

Samuel: Yes, this is just a showcase that leverages our platform. So it has raspberry pie devices that are able to talk to our APIs and leverage the APIs that we currently publish. It’s just a thought provoking display to kinda give you an idea of what you can do and a little on the creativity side.

Alan: I understand that this will give instantaneous feedback for the clients that are using the product to help them in client decision making processes.

Samuel: That’s right, I mean, it’s just a way that you can even with IOT kind of scenarios you can do real time feedback from our platform. It can be leveraged for a variety of use cases and you can integrate it really to whatever you like. Whether it’s a mobile device or an IOT kind of application or something running on the server. It doesn’t really matter cause it’s all cloud based APIs.

Alan: Can we do a quick demo here?

Samuel: Sure. As soon as I use this device which is just a web application, it sends an event to the server to allow me to play the game. It’s very simple. You just ask three questions and you pick out the ones that correspond to you. Why don’t you choose what you like? Sweet, sour..

Alan: Let’s go with the top one, sweet candy.

Samuel: Alright, now would you like soft..

Alan: Let’s do soft.

Samuel: And now the all-important question.

Alan: Um, I’ll do air.

Samuel: Okay. So, our recommendations for you are lit up and it gives you the names and a little bit of description about them so you can read about them before you pick. These are the two ones that it has recommended.

Alan: So it’s Laffy Taffy and Gummy Bears.

Samuel: Yes, and we’ve given them other names too. So we have hummingbird and cockatoo and it gives you what you like. This is just a nice example of what you can do in the IOT world with our platform. And really, the sky is the limit.

Alan: Yeah, and if I actually select the candy, does feedback come back to the main frame?

Samuel: It doesn’t send back data now. It could very easily do it because it’s fully connected and each one of these is connected to an actual device. So like I said, there is a raspberry pie that is actually talking to our cloud APIs. Really we could do whatever we wanted. Whatever level of sophistication you wanted to program into these things you could really do.

Alan: Exciting technology. Samuel thanks for giving us a preview of what SAP is releasing there with the Hybris.

Samuel: Yeah, and an important thing to know is that the real play here is the actual micro services market place, right? So at the end we expect to have other companies in the market place next year and have many, many vendors offering services in our market place. It’s all paper-use, subscription based, no commitment, single contract through SAP, really easy consumption and free marketing for the people that are in the market place who are being supported by us.

Alan: For more information, where do they find you?

Samuel: Yaas.io

Alan: Y-i-..

Samuel: No, yaas.io

Alan: Yaas.io, okay. Samuel, thanks for being on today’s show.

Samuel: Alright.

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