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TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2016- Rolik

Alan: I’m here today with Sergei Gritsenko and he’s the co-founder of Rolik. Sergei, welcome to today’s show.

Sergei: Thank you. Nice to meet you as well.

Alan: So Sergei, tell me about your company. You currently are doing the world’s first digital video ad in the market place.

Sergei: Correct.

Alan: Tell me the concept.

Sergei: So Rolik, the world’s first digital advertising market place, is a platform where we connect content creators, video content creators, and small midsized businesses in need of video advertising. And today with a growing demand for that content, the price is just too high. We are revolutionizing and disrupting that industry in a sense that we want to provide quality, high-end video ads at affordable pricing. By doing that, we work with content creators in Hollywood right now with my background as a producer in Hollywood and Max as a director and editor, we have experience working with those guys. They love to create videos that they enjoy, filmed concepts that they really enjoy. So we on the term, find businesses that can utilize this content. We work from start, for writing a script with content writers to help our video creators create interesting ads that will capture the mood of the audience. Next we explain to our creators what’s the best direction they can take and what are the categories that they should really concentrate on, but ultimately, it’s about creating what you enjoy and making money while doing that. Then businesses can purchase this in a price range from as cheap as $100 up to about $5,000 right now. But we are literally not limiting our creators from setting prices. Just trying to tell them that hey, you know the market would be really beneficial at this price range. The platform is available online, it’s a marketplace obviously, but we also have a free application. Currently for apple ios devices. It’s free, it’s easy to use. You can use a camera that’s always with you. You shoot your ads, you edit them right on your phone in our app, you add music to it. We work with the music producers in Hollywood to make sure that there’s a wide range selection of music on our platform. Licensing is all taken care of on the legal end, making sure that you know producers provide us with music. And then, you upload it to our market place and businesses can see it. Now to make it even more convenient for the businesses, they can try on their brand back shots. What is that? You can either upload a picture of your brand, like a logo or slogan. Or you can use our easy-to-use brand back shot tool. Put in your company name, for example; Nike just do it, redbull gives you wings, or BMW ultimate driving machine. You put that in there, our generator will make that for you. It’s very quick, very easy to use. And in a matter of seconds, you have a finished ad that you can use on your YouTube advertising, you can use it on Facebook page, Instagram page. The current lengths are 15 and 30 seconds which is industry standard, but ultimately we are offering the full range which is between zero to 30 seconds you’ll be able to do that. That’s a little bit about us.

Alan: So prior to you coming into Rolik, do you have backgrounds in starting other companies?

Sergei: I have worked with startups quite a bit with the business development and business strategy end, but this is the first one we are taking to this level I would say. We have an angel investor who helped us get going and supported us. She’s the one of the partners in the company. She’ll be coming around today later. We have development teams all over the world so we work in eastern Europe, we are based in the US, we are based in Los Angeles. We have presence on the east coast in New York. Obviously we have coverage throughout Europe and Asia as well. But what unites us all is love and passion for creative industry. So working with creative, really supporting people in making creative videos, things you love to make. And then businesses see that. So literally you can take an ad of something really beautiful and apply your brand to it and it will tell a story and push you in a certain mood. And make you happy and that’s literally what video’s all about is telling a story that puts you in a certain mood and that’s what we do.

Alan: I’ve been visiting today with Sergei Gritsenko and he is one of the co-founders of Rolik. Sergei, thank you.

Sergei: Thank you.

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