TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2016- Mokloud

Alan: Hi, this is Alan Olsen, and I’m here today with Bal Heroor. And we are here visiting about his new company Mokloud. Welcome to today’s show.

Bal: Thanks Alan.

Alan: So can you tell me about the vision for your company and why you got it started?

Bal: Sure, so Mokloud is an enterprise collaboration app. So what we do is we allow users to create something called work spaces which allows them to group the teams together and they can collaborate using those work spaces. So we allow them to bring files from multiple drives. she drive, box, dropbox, at the same time we allow them to connect to line of business applications like SAP sales force or oracle EBS and allow them to collaborate the data from the business applications as well as files from different data sources.

Alan: So how old is the company right now?

Bal: So we are about one and a half years old and we started this in early 2015. Right now we are at phase of validation, we have already launched it. We have a few beta customers who are using this and enterprises and they are giving a good feedback about this. And we allowed them to host this platform in their private infrastructure on public clouds, which helps them have all these communications with it securely. And it’s going good.

Alan: Well is this your first company?

Bal: This is my second company. My original company was in to cloud consulting. I started this company with my co-founders in 2015 when we saw a lot of fraction in messaging and communication in early 2015.

Alan: How did you come up with name Mokloud?

Bal: So Mokloud has an interesting background. We were thinking of an idea which will extend the current cloud systems that we have like box drop, box salesforce and have a collaborate cloud around it. So he said more cloud and that is how it came like Mokloud. Mo is actually ‘more’ in Mokloud.

Alan: Well thank you for being on today’s show.

Bal: Thank you. Thank you, Alan.

Alan: I’m visiting here today with Bal Heroor and he is one of the co-founders of a new company called Mokloud.

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