TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2016- Lyra

Alan: Hi, this is Alan Olsen, and I’m here today with Dilun Ho. He is one of the co-founders of Lyra. Dilun, welcome to today’s show.

Dilun: Thank you.

Alan: So Dilun, give us the inspiration behind Lyra and what you see as the vision for your future here.

Dilun: So Lyra basically is a music creation tool, in VR, and one of the inspirations is: the first time I tried virtual reality, I knew I had to do something with music because my background was with music. That’s one of my first passions. And one of the things I wanted to try to do, we wanted to build something from the ground up for VR and we wanted to simulate what’s called a medical condition called synesthesia where people can perceive sounds and shapes with music or sounds. And so we are simulating that. You tried the demo earlier, you actually see the music and the sound and shapes and colors, right?

Alan: Yeah, I’d say that you have a 360 degree view and then could you show the headset here? So basically what people are doing is they are putting on the headset and then you have two objects that you hold in your hands as though you’re playing virtually a musical instrument.

Dilun: Yeah, it’s really hard to explain if you’re not trained in VR, but basically you’re inside the world where there’s all these floating objects and you can interact with the sound. You can trigger them and play along with the actual music.

Alan: Who is your target audience? The N user, the XBox user, or do you have more of a specialized crowd?

Dilun: So basically, we are gonna try to target all regular consumers like it’s gonna be kinda like garage band, but for VR.

Alan: And then, how does a person find more information on Lyra?

Dilun: Oh, they can come follow us on twitter, LyraVR, and our website

Alan: You’re not quite ready for prime time, or launching a product, is that right?

Dilun: Oh no, yeah, we are currently with the live X accelerator, but we are going to release an early access beta on steam in four months.

Alan: Dilun, thanks for being on today’s show.

Dilun: Thank you.

Alan: I’ve been visiting here today with Dilun Ho, he is one of the co-founders of Lyra. It’s a virtual Reality game that is set for the music industry.

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