TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2016- Gripp

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Alan: Hi This is Alan Olsen. I’m here today with Calvin Henderson. He’s the CEO and Co-Founder of Gripp. Calvin Welcome to today’s show.


Calvin: Hey Alan thanks a lot


Alan: So this is really a new type of technology you got here.


Calvin: We essentially created a whole new way of sharing experiences with your friends socially. For a very long time people have been trying to share stories through pictures and videos on Facebook and twitter and social media accounts but’s there’s no continuity. They’re all separated from each other and you can’t follow along. Instagram and snapchat stories disappear in 24 hours so we built a solution. On Gripp you can create an unlimited number of visual stories that you can add new content to in real time. your friends get updates as new content is added too. Here’s an example of a story- it’s an art project that took 2 days to make. You can actually follow along and see that progress as it happened.


Alan: So Calvin what gave you in inspiration for starting Gripp?


Calvin: A lot of use of social media and observing these problems. One thing that made it clear was live tweeting. People use hashtags all the time when they live tweet, but if you want to follow live updates of an event, you’re going to miss half of them, you’re going to miss most of the content and you see the end of the story before you see the beginning. So it’s a way of structuring everything in a related way that people can really be engaged with. 


Alan: Is this your first company?


Calvin: This is actually my second. I had one before this back up in Canada that didn’t get quite off the ground. I’m from Sudbury, a mining town. At the time there wasn’t much infustructure to support Tech companies, but thankfully over the last year and a half it really has gotten a lot better, and I’d definitely like to give a big thank you back home that helped out with this. 


Alan: Calvin thanks for being on today’s show. I’ve been visiting with Calvin Henderson, he’s the CEO and co-founder of Gripp. Calvin, where can people go for more information on your company?


Calvin: We just launched on the Apple app store yesterday, so search for Gripp. Android Beta’s coming really soon, and check out our website,           

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