Table of Contents from Sample Valuation Report

Table of Contents from Sample Valuation Report

Valuation Services
Valuation Process
Valuation Experience
Sample Report
Glossary of Terms


Description of Assignment
Description of the Company
Capitalization and Ownership
Definition of Fair Market Value
Other Definitions of Value

Liquidation Value
Book Value
Enterprise Value
Going-Concern Value
Provisional, Economic or Investment Value

Purpose and Scope of the Report
Sources of Information/ Contingent and Limiting Conditions
Statement of Independence
Appraisers Certification

U.S. Economic Outlook

General Overview
Industry Specific Overview

District Economic Outlook

General Overview
Industry Specific Overview

Fundamental Position of the Company

Employees and Management
Expansion Plans
Summary of Positive and Negative Factors
Prior Stock Transaction

The Search for Comparable Companies

Financial Statement Analysis

Adjustments to Balance Sheet
Adjustments to Income Statements
Margin and Ratio Analysis
Cash Flow Analysis
Projections Utilized

Appraisal of Fair Market Value

The Selected Method
Approaches Considered but Not Used
Valuation Approach Summary

Asset Approaches
Asset and Income Approaches
Market Approach
Income Approaches

Discount and Capitalization Rates

The Discount Rate
The Capitalization Rate
The Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)
The Marketability Discount Rate
The Minority Interest Discount Rate

Valuation Results

Appendix A: Valuation Analyst Qualifications
Appendix B: Exhibits
Appendix C: Company Financial Statements

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