Strategies for Representing Yourself in an IRS Audit

Have you been selected by the IRS for an audit? It’s OK. Relax; you can get through this. Although we advise you to never try to go through an audit by yourself, if you really like a challenge and would rather do it by yourself, there are some good strategies for representing yourself in an IRS audit.

  • Make sure you understand all the procedures that are included in IRS audit, as well as the appeals process.
  • Whatever you do, don’t offer up information freely to the IRS in order to give the appearance of being helpful.
  • Just like the auditor, stick to the issues of your return that are in question. Be prepared to come with all the proper documentation that will be needed.
  • Avoid touching on other areas not involved in the audit and don’t let the auditor go there either.
  • If the return is incorrect then have it reviewed with a qualified tax professional in order to correct the mistake.

Should all of this seem too overwhelming, we understand. That’s why at GROCO we recommend getting professional help. We know how difficult the audit process can be and we have years of experience of successfully defending people who have been chosen by the IRS for an audit. So, if you are one of the unfortunate ones to be selected, don’t despair. Remember to utilize these strategies or better yet, just contact us at GROCO and we can help.

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