Step One Jump!

About Mandy Barton

Mandy Barton found her purpose, to increase the good of life around her. That’s it. One simple premise, one strong principle that has sprouted an empire built to better yourself, better others and in turn better the world around you. That’s what Mandy Barton believes in. From the moment she decided to leave her job to start her first business from her parents’ kitchen table, she’s been unstoppable. That was in 1997 when she founded Barton Logistics, the first of five, Mandy Barton-founded companies.

A true believer in people and the gifts they have to give this world, Mandy has dedicated an abundance of time into growing personally and growing those around her. Barton Logistics was the first evidence of how influential Mandy is, as her team created and adopted the company ethos whole-heartedly. Together, they cultivated a culture of giving, learning and growing. The results she saw in her team inspired her to do more.

The next thing on Mandy’s path was to take stuff that worked best for her and coach and mentors others. For Mandy it’s about teaching people how to dream, removing the barriers from their limitations and watching them flourish. It’s what makes life worth living. And she doesn’t stop there. In order to share her words of wisdom with the world, to free even more people, from what she calls the chains of mediocre lives, she is publishing her first book: Step One: Jump! Cut the crap already and start creating the life you REALLY want. Hard-hitting and motivational—it’s the awakening that gets you dreaming again, gets you moving towards achievement, and ultimately, gets you on track with who you’re meant to be.

As if entrepreneur, mentor, mother and author weren’t enough, add community leader and rancher to the list. Mandy serves as the Director of the Medina Community Library and the Exotic Wildlife Association. During her down time, you can find her with her two young children on her ranch, where she raises wild gemsbok and kudu, two of the most enchanting species of African hoof stock. Here, she takes time to dream up her next move. Keep your eye on Mandy Barton; you’ll never know where she’ll jump next.