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Spring Cleaning: 5 Tips for Decluttering

Spring Cleaning: 5 Tips for Decluttering


Ah, spring. The warm sun returns, birds begin chirping again, it’s enjoyable to be outside, and the home stretch til summer has started. Coming out of gloomy winter weather, most everyone loves springtime. The beginning of this season brings spring cleaning along with it. Whether or not you can relate to Marie Kondo, spring cleaning can be something you enjoy this year! Here are five tips that can help make spring cleaning a little less daunting and a little bit more enjoyable.


1. Make A Schedule

Look, thinking about cleaning your entire space (whether it be a room, apartment, or house) can seem incredibly overwhelming. Trying to tackle such a big project in just one weekend might not be realistic, and that is okay. This is where a schedule comes in. Be honest with yourself. Cleaning is probably not your top priority, but where can you fit it into your schedule? Bite off smaller chunks every day for a week or two, and by the end, you will feel so rewarded with a clean and decluttered space. Don’t be afraid to spice up your spring cleaning in other ways, too; binge that Netflix show you’ve been dying to watch as you clean or listen to your favorite artist’s newest album. This is hard work, but you can make it as enjoyable as possible!


2. Enlist Help spring cleaning

Another way to make your cleaning less daunting is by enlisting the help of your family, friends, or roommates. Make a plan together and then spend the time chatting and catching up. Reward yourselves with a fun lunch date in between cleaning different spaces. 



3. Out with the Old…

It’s pretty safe to say that we are all somewhat hoarders of unnecessary things. Everyone has clothing they haven’t worn in years but still have. You probably have extra dishes, books, toys, or art supplies you haven’t used in a while and probably will never use again. The donations you make as you spring cleaning can help those in your community who are in need. Keep your eye out for local donation drop boxes, host a yard sale, or give your old (but lightly used) donations to friends and families in need. They will be grateful for your contribution, and you will be grateful to have helped.


4. …And in with the New spring cleaning

Treat yourself! Once you declutter, you don’t wanna catch yourself “re”-cluttering your space. But you can still come up with your own rule like: “for every ten articles of clothing I donate, I can purchase a new one.” This can be an encouraging silver lining to let go of the things you don’t need anymore.


5. Organize Yourself

Spring cleaning can often be a more extended, in-depth cleaning of your space. This is a great thing, and you don’t want it to be undone in just a week. Take the time to re-organize your belongings and ensure that everything has a space. This will help your rooms to appear less messy and cluttered, leaving you feeling organized and that your spring cleaning was a success.

Here are additional tips you might find helpful as you look forward to your spring cleaning.


Authored by Lauren Woodbury


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