Solvvy Transforming Customer Service Through Artificial Intelligence

Justin Betteridge co-foundered Solvvy, an AI company that is helping companies and their clients have a better customer service experience. Most costumer service questions can be answered in 5 minutes or less. The key is being able to provide a customer with the correct information- that’s where Solvvy comes into play. Solvvy is an AI startup located in Silicon Valley that is transforming the customer service space through technology. When customers come to a website that utilizes the Solvvy platform, they are presented with a box that they can type in the questions or situation. Solvvy then presents an answer that’s been extracted from the company knowledge base articles. If the customer hasn’t had their needs addressed by the information, they then have the opportunity to to speak with a live agent. Through machine learning and its AI engine, can Solvvy reduce call volume which helps keep customers happy by reducing wait time on the phone. Additionally through the technology, many startups and young companies that can’t afford a full customer service call staff, can now offer a better customer service experience.