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Six Tech Trends You Need to Know About

Do you know anything about virtual reality? What about artificial intelligence or self-driving cars? Perhaps you’ve heard the term “The Internet of Things” and wondered what in the world that means. The tech world is constantly changing. We live in a world where a new technology can take the world by storm overnight, and then become outdated and obsolete a short time later. So are you up on the latest tech trends? Do you consider yourself an expert on all things tech? Do you know what’s hot right now, and which products, ideas or trends are going to be affecting your business and your world?

What’s Hot in Your World?

Perhaps you fall into another category. For example, maybe you’re the person who showed up to work feeling rather proud of your new portable cassette player only to find out everyone else had already moved onto CD players. Or perhaps you found out the hard way that almost no one uses a flip phone anymore. These are tongue-in-cheek examples, but if you have a hard time keeping up then read on to learn about some of the latest and greatest innovations that are currently taking the tech world by storm.

• Virtual Reality – VR, as it’s called is a big deal, including VR goggles that put you in out of this world experiences and suits that allow you to virtually shake another person’s hand through an internet connection and a screen. Enhanced reality is a close cousin to VR as it incorporates your actual surroundings into the user experience but “improves” upon those surroundings.

• Live Streaming – everywhere you go and everywhere you look people are staying connected with mobile devices. That is part of the reason that live streaming has become so popular. People are using live streaming, via social media platforms, to always be informed and connected with their world and everything that’s going on. This technology continues to develop and improve as connections improve.

• App Streaming – this technology enables users to access some content from certain apps, which they have yet to even download, which is much quicker and easier than the traditional downloading method. This could also pave the way for apps eventually replacing traditional websites altogether.

• The Internet of Things – this very generalized term refers to any device or appliance that is connected to the Internet. For example, kitchen appliances, washers and dryers, and heating and cooling systems are just a few of the items that are now being made with connectivity. The idea is to have all of your appliances, or even your entire home connected to the Internet, which would allow cross-communication and enable users to easily control their home with one single device, like a smartphone.

• Automation & Artificial Intelligence – the tech world is seeing an increasing number of products that now employ automation or artificial intelligence. The possibilities are potentially endless in this realm, but with digital assistants already commonplace the move in this direction is very real.

• All-Encompassing In-App Experience – more and more app makers are looking to own your time. The more time you spend within an app the better it is for app owners. That’s why many of the nations most popular apps, like Facebook and Google, as well as other social media platforms, continue to offer more features to hold your attention as long as possible. Users love these helpful additions, which means they are likely to continue to grow.

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