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Simple Steps to Building a Culture Of Direct Communication

How’s the communication culture where you work? Is there open and direct communication? Do employees feel like they can speak with their bosses freely? Are supervisors easily accessible and willing to listen? Or, does it feel like you never know exactly what is going on, or how you are performing? This happens when the communications channels are closed, or very narrow.

Open Communication Leads to Greater Results

Poor communication can be ahuge detriment to a company’s success. It can lead to mistrust, repeated mistakes and bigger failures. Poor communication also leads to dissatisfied employees who tend to look for work elsewhere. On the other hand,open and direct communication in the workplace can have a huge impact on the overall corporate culture of a business. It can help improve performance, boost employee morale and lead to greater successes and fewer repeated mistakes.

How to Create Better Communication
So how do you build a culture of direct and open communication in your workplace? Here are several steps you can start taking right now to improve the communication culture in your workplace and inspire better overall performance and satisfaction within your company.

• Establish Clear and Constant Communication Channels–the first thing you need to do is establish around-the-clock open communications channels. Supervisors should be accessible to those they manage. They should also have access to their directors. This communication should be direct communication, either in person, or in the very least over the phone. Avoid emails, which can be misinterpreted or misunderstood.

• Hold Regular Individual Meetings–one of the best ways to establish direct communication in your workplace isto schedule and hold regular meetings on an individual basis. These meetings can even be weekly. They don’t have to be long, formal discussions. A short,informal chat establishes a pattern that will help lead to better overall communication.

• Hold Regular Staff Meetings–likewise, you should hold regular staff meetings. They do not need to be as often as individual meetings. You could hold these monthly or even quarterly. Share important information, receive important information from employees,and address any needs or concerns together. This is also a great time to answer questions.

• After-the-Fact Reviews–one of the best ways to learn is by reviewing a project after it has been completed. This allows you and your employees to review together what worked and what didn’t. You can do these with the entire team, or on an individual basis. These reviews are a great time for feedback and for discussing ways to improve. Always remember to focus on the positive.

• Informal Social Outings–another effective way to improve the communication culture in your office is to hold social outings. These don’t have to be formal work parties where people are expected to attend. You can simply get together outside of work with whoever wants to show up. Go bowling, or hang out a club.The possibilities are endless.Whatever the activity, this builds employee relationships, which always improves communication.

If you want to boost the communication culture in your workplace implement these simple steps. They will help improve employee morale, which leads to a boost in productivity.

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