Serial Success

About The Guest

Montgomery Kersten works with development-stage companies as an independent board member and advisor on strategic initiatives. Mr. Kersten was the co-founder, and CEO of VitalSigns Software (later acquired), and today serves as a board member of several Silicon Valley private companies. Mr. Kersten is an active “Angel” investor in high technology companies and has led the initial and follow-on financings for many young ventures. Mr. Kersten serves as a mentor and advisor to founders in order to accelerate their success and assist them in overcoming the many challenges ventures face, from founding, all the way through the company life cycle to an acquisition or IPO. Mr. Kersten’s expertise focuses on organizing, financing and developing young companies, advising founders on strategies and tactics for successfully negotiating with all parties, creating effective sales and marketing strategies, forging strategic relationships, building strong intellectual property protection, safeguarding founders and fiduciary board members, rapidly building value, and accomplishing successful mergers & acquisitions or IPO’s.

GROCO Staff Writer