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RAK CHALLENGE: Random acts of kindness

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Wanting to spice up your life and gain overall more happiness? It is your turn to try the RAK challenge!


What is RAK?


RAK stands for Random Acts of Kindness. And it’s simple– random acts of kindness are simple. They do not cost much money, they do not take much time, but they make all the difference. RAK’s can take place anywhere at any time of the day. And they can be done by anyone. But they will improve the day of everyone involved.


Some examples of RAK’s are:

  • Paying for the person behind you
  • Picking up a piece of trash on the road
  • Shoveling your neighbor’s drive on a snowy day
  • Writing an uplifting message in chalk on a park pathway
  • Move a shopping cart that is misplaced
  • Offer a mom struggling with her children help loading the groceries 
  • Paying a compliment to the cashier
  • Asking how the person next to you in line is doing 


Don’t let this list keep you from whatever random act of kindness you are ready to do! 


Now that you know what a RAK is, are you ready to accept the challenge?


Here is the challenge:


Be a part of a random act of kindness every day.


Yes, that’s right, every day!


This may sound daunting at first. Where will you get the time? How will I find that many opportunities? 

But remember, if you want to have a skill, you have to learn and you have to practice. You may not be good at it at first, but over time you will learn. As you look for ways to be kind everyday, your vision of opportunities will grow! You will turn into a person who easily finds ways to love, serve, uplift, and smile. It will become second nature. As you practice kindness every day, the chances of becoming a kinder person are great.


Are you up for the RAK challenge? 


There is no need to do it alone! Recruit your friends and family. Give them the chance to make the world a better place right alongside you. 


Take action, and start with yourself to make the world a kinder place.


-Written by Hannah Judd