Top Pros and Cons of Working for a Startup They Have a Mission – Most startup companies these days have a goal or a mission in mind, and it’s usually not about making money. While they do hope to become profitable, their purpose is usually to accomplish something great, create significant change, or solve a serious problem. This is always a plus with recent college grads, many of who want to join a cause. Measured Success – While it can be difficult to measure your impact at a large corporation with hundreds or even thousands of employees it’s much easier to measure your direct impact on the company’s success at a startup. Plus, startups often reward employees on this measured success. Different Hats – In most corporations, each employee has a specific assigned role. They come to work, do their job, and meet their requirements, with little change – day, after day, after day. When you work for a startup you often get the chance to be involved in many different projects and roles, which enables you to explore different roles, learn new skills, and increase effectiveness.Stay Young – If you want to work with younger people then joining a startup is the place to be. Most startup companies skew very young and with good reason. It’s harder to take on the risk that comes with a startup when you get older. Thus, when you are young and have fewer responsibilities it’s much easier to give a startup a try.


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Bill Evans