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7 Steps to Planning Your Dream Vacation

7 Steps to Planning Your Dream Vacation


The anticipation of a vacation can feel all consuming. Fantasizing about the adventures you’ll have with exploring a new city or daydreaming about relaxing on the beach only makes you more and more anxious for your trip plans to become a reality. But, before you hop on the plane to your destination, thoughtful and practical planning is absolutely necessary to help you in your efforts to have the best vacation ever! Continue reading to learn some tips to help you plan your dream vacation.


1. Where do you want to go? vacation

Obviously, the first step to planning your vacation is deciding where you will be traveling! Get out your bucket list – we all have one! What type of vacation are you craving right now? Maybe you are in need of some deep relaxation where you will be laying on the beach 24/7 for a week, sipping piña coladas. Or, maybe you are in desperate need of some long awaited family time. Or, maybe you are getting antsy and feeling an urgent need to explore a new city. Whatever your desired destination is, you are sure to have a great time! Pick the vacation spot that is right for you.


2. What is your budget?

This is gonna look different for everyone. Depending on your location and the time you want to spend on your get-away, prices can range dramatically. Setting a budget can help you know what to prioritize and know what is most important to you as you plan.


3. Who are you going to go with? vacation

Next up, who are your travel buddies? Family, friends, significant other, or riding solo are all great options. Make sure that you have the same expectations as your travel partners to ensure that your trip will pan out more smoothly. Once you’ve got those you are traveling with on board, you can start planning together.


4. Work out the basics

This step is all about logistics. Before you start planning your fun activities and searching for the best restaurants, you need to work through the basics of your trips. Where do you want to stay? What are the dates of your trip? How long are you wanting to stay? How are you getting from point A to point B? Answering these kinds of questions will help you feel more sure about your trip plans, especially when it comes to budgeting. Once you’ve figured it out, book your tickets!


5. Fun research

Now that you have figured out the logistics, it’s time for the fun stuff. What do you want to do on your vacation? Do some research on social media and the internet. Ask your friends for suggestions. What are things you want to prioritize experiencing on your vacation? Obviously, you don’t need to plan out everything you will do. But, it is beneficial to have a rough sketch of your trip so that you can maximize your time and feel like you have been able to enjoy your time in a fun, new place. This should be fun, so don’t limit yourself to the endless possibilities.


6. Make an arrival plan

Even when there are no mishaps, traveling can still be stressful. Making an arrival plan can limit that stress and help you to start your vacation off on the right foot.


7. Enjoy your vacation!

Commit yourself to being on vacation! This is not a time for work. Enjoy yourself as you relax and explore on your fun, new adventure.


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Authored by Lauren Woodbury


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