Philanthropy is Love | Pamela Hawley


Philanthropy. I think the way people look at it today isn’t really correct. They look at it as giving of money. But really what it is is people, it’s the love of people. It’s all about people. It’s about the love of humanity.

So what I love about this real definition of philanthropy is that every moment we can be philanthropists. So I think that is super powerful. Anyone who’s wishing for a mission in life. You could be a philanthropist right now. That means when you’re in Safeway and you’re at the checker, you’re not just sit there checking out your groceries. You’re asking that grocer, how are you doing today? Connecting with them with your dry cleaner, with the person at the bus stop.

It is about the love of people. Now, it does go into money too, but the money is just a vehicle to change hearts. When you give. Your mind is changed, your heart is changed. The type of voting you might do might change. Your compassion has changed. That’s what we want to see long-term with universal giving.

Universal giving isn’t really just about the giving and volunteering. We’re about creating a great sense of connection and peace and community and understanding between people of very, very different backgrounds and for people to cherish the different backgrounds that each person comes from.

About Pamela Hawley

Pamela Hawley is the founder and CEO of UniversalGiving(tm), an award-winning nonprofit that helps people give and volunteer with vetted, quality opportunities all over the world. UniversalGiving(tm) offers a variety of ways to become involved through Projects, Gift Packages, and Volunteer Opportunities. Visitors simply choose a region (such as Africa) and an issue (such as education or the environment) and receive a list of quality ways to give and volunteer. 100% of each donation goes directly to the cause. UniversalGiving(tm) performs due diligence on all its projects through its unique, trademarked Quality Model(tm). UniversalGiving Corporate is a customized version for companies, which helps launch corporate global philanthropy and volunteer programs across the world for companies such as Cisco and BEA.

GROCO Staff Writer