Personal Details You Should Never Share at Work

Personal Details

Have you ever been around a person that feels like he or she needs to tell you everything about his or herself? You know, the kind of person that reveals way too much information. We all have many sides to our lives and our personalities. Sharing those things with our family members or closest friends might be OK, but revealing some of those things at work can do a lot of damage.

So what kinds of things should you avoid bringing up while you’re at work?

Politics – you’re almost always better off checking your political views at the door. Politics play such a big part of peoples’ lives and sharing your beliefs could end up damaging work relationships with others who don’t feel the same way.

Negative feelings towards co-workers – no matter where you work, you will always have coworkers that just don’t cut it. It’s inevitable. However, no matter how incompetent someone is, you should not share your feelings about him or her with others. This will likely cause your coworkers to have negative feelings towards you.

Discontent with your job – if you hate your job, keep it to yourself. This is another complaint that will cause your coworkers to feel negatively about you. It will also bring down company morale. You shouldn’t reveal that you’re looking for another job either. This could get you fired very quickly.

Your wild past – people like to brag about how wild they used to be and all the crazy things they used to do. Perhaps that’s ok for a night out on the town, but ultimately, it will lead coworkers to doubt you and your ability to be responsible and make good choices.

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Bill Evans