Number 4


Top Diets for 2017

There was actually a four-way tie in the rankings, with the Weight Watchers diet; the TLC diet, the May Clinic diet and the Flexitarian diet all coming in fourth place.

• The Weight Watchers diet moved up the list thanks to its change in approach. While the plan still focuses on weight loss (which it does rank number one for weight loss), the program also focuses on other factors, as well.

• The TLC diet focuses on eating foods with less saturated fat like fish, skinless chicken, vegetables, fruits and low-fat dairy products.

• The Mayo Clinic diet aims at getting rid of bad eating habits and replacing them with healthy habits. The diet starts with fruits and vegetables as the main anchors and it claims to help participants lose between six and 10 pounds in the first two weeks.

• The Flexitarian diet is vegetable-focused but it doesn’t require you to completely give up meat. It does, however, encourage trying new “meats” like tofu, nuts, beans, eggs and lentils. But if you just really need some of the real stuff this diet allows you to partake.

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