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Networking: Is Your “Game” up to Par?

By Alan Olsen

How’s your “game?” Everyone wants “game” and most people claim to have “game” but how good is your game when it really comes time to be tested? If your game isn’t really where you want it to be then it’s time to start trying to up your game. That leads to the next question: how do you go about upping your game? What does it take to get your game to the level you want and to the necessary level to achieve success? David Bradford knows a lot about this topic. Dave is a serial entrepreneur and the author of the book “Up Your Game.” Dave is one of the leading experts on networking and one of the most well connected people in the world. In his book he has put together some timeless principles that will help you increase your professional productivity and success.

Six Strategies to Up Your Game

Dave shared some of his insights with me during a conversation we had and he spoke about the six key principles to up your game. These principles will not only help you in your professional endeavors, but they can also increase and improve your personal relationships. Networking is one of the most important aspects in the business world and Dave explained how there is a vital connection between opportunity and people. Not only has Dave helped so many others by teaching and sharing these principles and strategies, but he has also lived by them throughout his career. They have helped him become the success that he is today. These are the six principles that Dave lives by and that if applied will definitely up your game:

Start Up – for starters, Dave said you have to begin by thinking of others instead of yourself. In other words you have to be willing to give without worrying about what you are going to get in return. If you give that way you will end up benefiting, one way or another.
Show up – the next step is to show up. Many times people find great success simply by showing up or just being there. After all, if you’re not there then you will miss out, so you have to show up.
Follow Up – when it comes to networking, follow up is huge. Dave says when you meet someone new you should follow up with him or her within 24 hours.

Link Up – if you are ready to “link up” with a new connection you should always do it in a personal way. There are many different social media platforms to use, but make sure you connect with them with a personal touch.
Stand Up – this refers to your character. You have to be a stand up person. No one wants to do business with someone they don’t trust. You have to be credible or people won’t want to work with you.
Scale Up – lastly, you have to always be looking to scale up, or grow your network. It’s not easy. It takes time, effort and commitment and it is usually built one new contact at a time.

These six principles can lead to success in networking, success in your professional career and success in your personal relationships.

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