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Exciting American Dreams Show News, The First Book!

By GROCO Staff Writer | July 20, 2022 //?#I have some exciting American Dreams Show news. The host, Alan Olsen has written the first book based on the AD interviews!  Other books have cited one or more of the interviews, but this one goes into far mare details.  Below is a letter from author himself describing the book… From Alan… Dear Friend,…

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Is The Warriors’ Risky Approach to The NBA Draft Too Cute?

By GROCO Staff Writer | July 13, 2022 //?#Is the Warriors’ approach to the NBA draft crazy, are they trying to be too cute, or is there a method to their madness?   For me, this question led to an epiphany as I considered their risky reach, selecting Patrick Baldwin Jr (PBJ) with their first round selection in the 2022 NBA draft.  A…


Three Reasons the Fed is Lying About Inflation

By GROCO Staff Writer | June 8, 2022 //?#Why would the US federal government purposely underreport or flat out lie about the current rate of US inflation?  Below are three specific reasons given during a recent interview of Robert Zuccaro, CFA, Founder & CIO of Golden Eagle Strategies. He actually cautioned about inflation last February in an earlier interview, and published his…

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Space as a Service (SPaaS) the Next Great Frontier

By GROCO Staff Writer | June 2, 2022 //?#Monetize space? Well, yes – many believe that space as a service (SPaaS) is the next great business frontier. On Thursday February 10th, four tiny NASA-funded satellites were lost on their way to space. These small experimental devices, called cube-sats, had been launched to cheers, especially by employees of Astra Space, whose craft flung…

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Avoid Tax Audit Tips 4, 5, 6 (of 10)

By GROCO Staff Writer | May 6, 2022 //?#Avoid Tax Audit, Tips 4, 5, & 6 (of 10) From our series of the top 10 ways to avoid a tax audit, we thought we would go into greater detail as to how our list was created and delve into each suggestion.  Today we will address the top three tips from our article…

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Three Ways to Avoid Tax Audits, Expanded

By GROCO Staff Writer | April 26, 2022 //?#From our series of the top 10 ways to avoid a tax audit, we though we would go into greater detail about the first three tips.  More to follow… We’ll explain how our list was created and expand upon each suggestion.  The list was created by culling together various lists from various experts.  For…


What is Self-Reliance and How Do You Cultivate it?

By MyPaths | April 8, 2022

Self-reliance is an incredible skill to have. Author Benjamin Spall describes self-reliance as “trusting in your abilities to get through the challenges of life on the back of your own resourcefulness. It refers to your ability to provide for yourself (and oftentimes, defend against your enemies) without the need for outside help.” When I think…


5 Healthy Habits of Happy People

By MyPaths | April 7, 2022

Have you wondered what you can do to bring more joy into your life? Perhaps you have arrived at this moment in your life and wonder why you don’t feel as much satisfaction with your life. As important as it is to work hard and progress in life, it is vital to take care of…

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The Importance of Balancing Work and Home Life

By MyPaths | April 7, 2022

There is an overarching motive to become successful in your work and career. To be ranked the best student, make the most money you can in your job, and have a large home. In short, to be better off than your neighbor. However, these aspirations can lead to false expectations of life and even drive…

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Got Debt? Here are 10 Ways to Get Out of Debt and Regain Financial Freedom

By MyPaths | April 7, 2022

Debt can be one of the most crushing trials in life. It can become overwhelming until it is all you think about, bound and limited by debt. Nobody intends to go into debt, but it often occurs due to unique circumstances and critical unmet needs. If you find yourself currently in debt, whether heavy or…