ModuleQ | David Brunner

About David Brunner

In 2011 David Brunner founded ModuleQ, a SAS based company to prevent knowledge workers from being overloaded with information. Before founding ModuleQ, David received a PhD from Harvard University in Information, Technology & Management, a joint program integrating business and computer science. Upon Graduating from Harvard, he worked with the CIO of Shinsei Bank to study their highly innovative IT systems. When the CIO retired, his successor engaged David to consult on the design of the bank’s next generation of workflow systems. Before entering Harvard, David was an associate in the Tokyo and San Francisco offices of The Boston Consulting Group. He holds a BS in Computer Science from Stanford University, where he was a Terman Award recipient. David is also coauthor with Stanford Professor Emeritus Edward Feigenbaum of The Japanese Entrepreneur: Making the Desert Bloom, a book describing the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in Japan.