Making a Difference | Sharlene Wells Hawkes

About Sharlene Wells Hawkes

Sharlene Hawkes was previously VP of Communications with Monarch Health Sciences where she was responsible for all corporate brand communications. Additionally, she was one of the first women to work for ESPN and worked as an award-winning sportscaster nearly 15 years, covering such events as World Cup Soccer, the Kentucky Derby, the French Open and Big 10 football. Later, in 2002, she co-founded Best of State, a premiere awards program for businesses, organizations, and individuals. In 1985, Sharlene became the first and only foreign-born Miss America. She is a popular author and speaker, addressing such corporate audiences as Prudential and CitiCorp. Sharlene graduated magna cum laude with a BS in Communications from Brigham Young University, and holds an MS degree in Integrated Marketing Communication from the University of Utah.

GROCO Staff Writer