Luxury Lifestyle Logistics

About Jennifer Laurence

Jennifer is the founder and President of Luxury Lifestyle Logistics. She is a consummate hospitality professional who has loved domesticity for as long as she can remember. Early in her college career, she discovered the world of professional home management and private service through an estate management internship and knew she had found her calling. Her passionate commitment to pursuing unique educational experiences lead her to attend the only all women’s hospitality school in North America; a unique Bachelor’s program where the business of hospitality was always balanced with elevating the art of domestic service. She has continued to devote herself to professional development in private service, completing a Wine Sommelier certificate, a Visual Communications certificate, and attending the prestigious Charles McPherson Academy for Butlers and Household Managers where she graduated top of her class.

For over 17 years she has worked in all areas of hospitality and private domestic service, as well as in commercial property management and facility services. This blend of experiences has made her a very successful private service professional because she uses her strong hospitality and facilities management business foundation and balances it with the grace and decorum needed to work in private service. Throughout her career she has served affluent clients, celebrities, and successful business professionals in their home and office settings, making even the smallest details extraordinary for the people she serves. Since moving to Chicago in 2007, she has been consulting privately in the field, blending her experiences on the residential and commercial sides of the industry. Ms. Laurence frequently travels to meet client needs and can be contracted for brief or extended on-site visits. She is passionate about the private service industry and serves as the President of the Chicago chapter of the Domestic Estate Managers Association.

In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, ballroom dancing, and teaching essential oil aromatherapy. Jennifer and her husband Greg live on 40 acres in Wadsworth, Illinois.

GROCO Staff Writer