Inspiring Others to Succeed

About Ray Dillon

Ray Dillon began his career as a process engineer working for the Zellerbach Corporation in Bogalusa, Louisiana. As Ray began his career the mill he was working at was just starting to modernize- an enviorment which Ray as a young engineer thrived in. He quickly rose through the ranks and eventually found himself in the company’s executive suite located in Chicago.

Ray went on to become the Executive Vice President of Gaylord Container Corporation until it was acquired by Temple Inland Corporation in April 2002. Most recently Ray retired as the President and CEO of Deltic Timber Corporation, a position which he held for 13 years. Today Ray is actively involved in Arkansas Sheriff Youth Ranch, a nonprofit which works to coach and inspire youth who have been dislocated due to domestic violence. Ray is also involved with Methodist Family Health, a non-profit which provides psychiatric care for children and families. Ray was the first individual in his family to attend college. He earned his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from Mississippi State University and his MBA from the University of Chicago.