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Business Valuation Terms Explained “DLOC” Vs “MID”

The “My Path” Book is now available on Amazon! 

Seven Ways to Create a Positive Work Environment

Exciting American Dreams Show News, The First Book!

Is The Warriors’ Risky Approach to The NBA Draft Too Cute?

Three Reasons the Fed is Lying About Inflation

Space as a Service (SPaaS) the Next Great Frontier

Avoid Tax Audit Tips 4, 5, 6 (of 10)

Three Ways to Avoid Tax Audits, Expanded

What is Self-Reliance and How Do You Cultivate it?

5 Healthy Habits of Happy People

Got Debt? Here are 10 Ways to Get Out of Debt and Regain Financial Freedom

How to Be A Great Leader

10 Lessons to Change Your Life and Change the World

Gratitude Challenge

Inspirational Quotes for you

What is Hope?

How do Religious Texts Relate to ME?

7 Steps to Planning Your Dream Vacation

10 Ways to Get Involved in Your Community

Prayer: How to and Why?

Burnout: What it is and How to Avoid it

Family Time: 5 Activities for Spending Time Together

Exercising: How to Get Started on Your Health Journey

How to Be an Everyday Philanthropist! 7 Easy Ways to Serve

Set Goals to Create an Incredible 2022!

Ukraine Citizens Pay Zero Tax

Why You Should be a Philanthropist

Gratitude and Thanksgiving Week





The History of Valentine’s Day

Is Philanthropy Good for Capitalism?

How good is Open AI text writer

Why I Will be Better in 2021

Thanksgiving Week & Gratitude

Kindness Returns Good Fortune

The Personal Rewards of Philanthropy

4 Ways to Improve Workplace Mutual Respect, Even During Pandemic

Proposed California Tenant Relief and Coronavirus Update

Office Habits That Could Be Burning You Out

Positive Leadership Leads to Positive Behaviors

Mike Kwatinez or Azure Capital

Aaron Anderson: Working with Game Changing Entrepreneurs

Aaron Anderson

Choosing a Real Estate Investment Market

Finding the True Power of Motivation

The Best Leadership Style

The Inspiration for LinkedIn

Triple Platinum Voice

Motivating Employees Through Today’s Economic Crisis – Executive Strategies

Persistence – Use Good Judgment

Investing in India: Big Splashes and Little Drops

Venture Capital: Investing In The European Marketplace

Art as an Investment?

Venture Capital Alternative for Technology Entrepreneurs

What Real Estate Investors Need To Know About Property Management

Understanding the Importance of Time Management

“Values-based” Estate Planning

Employers Offer Incentives for Weight Loss

Spirituality In Business Leadership

Income Tax Deferral Strategies for Real Estate Investors

Tax Saving Strategies For Business Owners

Attracting Talent to Your Startup Organization

Secondary Market May Impact 409A Valuations

What’s the Real Motivation Behind Keurig Moving Coffee Business From U.S.?


Estate Planning is Not “One Size Fits All”

Creating a Positive Work Environment

Why Entrepreneurs Can’t Manage

Matt Follett, President of Follett USA

Investors: A Growing Taste For Exotic Fare

Behavioral Finance: Beyond Greed and Fear

Wealth Building: Six Keys

How Can I Sustain My Family Wealth?

Building an Estate Planning Team

Martin Frey: The Man Who Conquered The 7 Summits & 7 Seas

Should You Invest in Residential or Commercial Properties?

Associate With Inspiring People

How to Successfully Sell Your Company

How to Raise Children That Become Entrepreneurs

The 7 Traits of an Exceptional & Successful Entrepreneur

The Importance of Life Insurance in Estate Planning

Valuations Secondary Market

3 Reasons Why Owning a Commercial Property May Make You More Money in Real Estate Investment

Business Leadership

What Skills do Entrepreneurs Needs?

Where Do You Find Good Ideas To Start A Business?

Becoming an Influential Leader

9 Characteristics That Millionaire Business people Have in Common

12 Traits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

5 Marketing Moves for Business Success

Selling Your Success

Slogans: Creating and Using Them In Life, Career and Business

8 Golden Techniques To Get People To Love The Rules

Reward Employees for Teamwork

10 Tips to Enhancing Your Leadership Skills

Seven Qualities of a Good Leader – Excellence

Inspirational and Spiritual Videos

Nick Sonnenberg – Founder of Leverage

Jim Kwik – Unlocking Your Brain’s Limitless Potential

Brian Smedley – Chief Economist at Guggenheim Investments

The Miracle Behind the Growth of The Stock Market

Craig Stanlan – Reinvention Architect and Mindset Coach

Chad Jenkins- SeedSpark Removing Obstacles for Growth

Chad Jenkins- SeedSpark Removing Obstacles for Growth

John Gatti – Partner at Loeb and Loeb

Brooke Elder – Founder of Social Tenacity

Nick Nanton – Emmy Nominated Filmmaker

Gareb Shamus – Bringing NFTs to Super Heroes

Heidi Kuhn–Founder of Roots of Peace

David Checketts – The Sports Business Legend

Robert Zuccaro – Why this is the Worst Environment for Bond Investors

Scott Donnell – Helping Kids Understand Money

Chad Willardson – Teaching Kids Values

Heetan Doshi – The New Age of Investing

Elliot Omanson – Deploying Success

Andy Mitts – Host of Blue Wings Rising Podcast

Tara Renze – How to Truly Be Yourself

Eric Ball – General Partner for Impact Venture Capital

Porter Ellett – Coaches Football with One Arm

Robert Mixon – Founder of Level Five Associates

David Singh – Preserving Capital for the Next Generation

Bob Regnier – Founder of Bank of Blue Valley

Alec Atkinson – Founder of Harvest React

Pulak Sinha – The Dawn of Asset Tech

A Man With The Ripple Effect | Tyler Barth

The War on Human Trafficking | Mitzi Perdue

NFTs, The Future of Unique Experiences | Lee Richter

Geeta Nadkarni, Founder of Impact with Influence

Sonia Clayton on Fostering Dreams & Innovation

Impact’21 | Vas Bhandarkar, CEO of ScoreData

Impact’21 | Sanjeev Kumar Chaudhry, CEO of GIGAFORCE

Bill Danko on Richer Than A Millionaire

Derek Lobo of SVN Rock Advisors

Karen Schmeiser: Journey of Faith

Prasad Kaipa: Spiritually Connecting with Others

Mark Eaton: Strengthening Remote Team

Charles Sullivan- A Legacy of Football, Entertainment & Medicine

The Six Pack Dad Tribe

Life’s Wisdom, with Alan Brown Movie Producer

Peter Kellner, Founder & Managing Partner of Richmond Global Ventures

Lee Richter: The Power Of PR

Ankur Gupta: The Higher Cause of Medical Research

Matt Garibaldi, President of Storage Star

Nancy Gale, Founder of JAMAH

The Billionaire Foundation

Henry Wong, Founder of Diamond Tech Ventures

Mike Kwatinetz, Foundering Partner at Azure Capital

Rob Ryan, Pioneer of the Sunflower Business Model that Built a Billion Dollar Company!

Allen Miner, CEO and Founder of Sunbridge Group

David Crane, President of Govern for California

Don Howard – CEO of The James Irvine Foundation

Stanford’s Entrepreneurship

Recipe to Success – Noah Alper, founder of Noah’s Bagels

The Nonprofit Arena

Finding Success Through Mutual Commitment

Factors of Success

Finding Your Pathway in Life-BYU Pathway Program | BYU-Idaho President Kim B. Clark

The Choices in Our Life

Triple Platinum Voice | Lori Glori

Telemedicine | Clay Whitehead

Building a Foundation for Success | Mark Gottfredson

Authors that Inspire | Jeff Benedict

Real Audio Video | Johnathan Law

Step One Jump!

Why Scientific Wellness will be more Important than Healthcare | Clayton Lewis

The Inspiration for LinkedIn | Konstantin Guericke

Turning Tragedy into Positive Experiences | Jerry Carroll

Inspiring Others to Succeed

Charles Vogl – The Art of Community

How Small Businesses are Being Empowered with Big Data

Art As An Investment

Mark Eaton: The Four Commitments of a Winning Team

Forecasting the Future: How Technology and Entrepreneurship Show Us What’s Next

Social Entrepreneurship & Why It Matters

How One Man’s Film Brought Peace to a War Torn Region

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Setting Goals to Create an Incredible 2022!

Of course, the start of the new year is notorious for goal setting. It can be so easy to look ahead at the year and become overwhelmed by the numerous achievements you desire. So, what is the best approach for setting "new year's resolutions"? Here are a few ways to make your goal planning a little less formidable and a little more inspiring this new year.


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