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UncategorizedInboard Disrupting Urban Transportation

Inboard Disrupting Urban Transportation

Inboard Technologies has just invented the world’s first electric skateboard with in-motor wheels. They call it the M1 and are launching this 20mph rideable globally January 2017. The first time Ryan Evans, Co-Founder and CEO of Inboard tried out the their in-wheel motor system, which they’ve called Manta Drive, he immediately knew that they’d created something that would change the world in rideable technologies. You can ride the M1 like a normal skateboard, or use Inboard’s RFLEX remote to control it while you’re riding. Not only does the board let you ride uphill, but it also gives you the ability to brake. Weighing in at only 14 lbs, you can easily carry the M1 around or throw it into the back of an Uber. For more information on Inboard check out their website. http://inboardtechnology.com

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