In Which Leadership Traits Do Women Rank Higher Than Men?


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Men and women are different. Neither is better than the other, and they both excel at different things. Sometimes women are better at certain things than men, and the opposite is also true. So what about when it comes to leadership? Which things do women rank higher in than men? 

According to a recent study by Pew, women rank higher than men in several leadership traits. More than 4,500 people were asked several questions, including which gender was better at creating a safe and respectful workplace? Forty-three percent of the respondents said women were better, while only 5 percent said men were. 

The respondents also said that women were better at valuing people from different backgrounds, with 35 percent choosing females. Only 3 percent said men were better at this. 

In addition, 61 percent of the people questioned said female political leaders were more compassionate and empathetic, while about 33 percent said they were more ethical. 

It wasn’t all bad news for the guys. The majority of respondents ranked men better at being “willing to take risks” in politics and better at “negotiating profitable deals” in business. 

Despite the results showing that people consider women to make good leaders, men still dominate leadership positions in both politics and business.  


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Bill Evans