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Important Year-End Tax Tips That the Wealthy Should Know Now

High-net-worth individuals have a lot to think about in their often fast-paced financial dealings, not the least of which is how to save on their taxes and keep as much of their wealth from the taxman as possible. Many high-net-worth individuals make a lot of their income from smart investing. Smart investing takes careful planning and organizing along with the right strategies, in order to be successful. After achieving a high level of wealth, investors then need to know the right tax-saving strategies to be able to maximize their gains. The problem is many people, including wealthy investors, treat taxes like they are only a year-end event. However, in actuality, there are several important tax tips that people should know now, including high-net-worth investors. Let’s take a look at some of those important tips.

Take Care of Retirement Contributions

Many wealthy individuals pay the highest tax rates on their income: 36 percent or even as much as 39.6 percent. However, one way to offset some of these taxes is by contributing regularly to your retirement account. The problem is many investors overlook this until the end of the year when it is often too late. 401k and 403b plans allow you to contribute up to $18,000 annually, but they also limit what percentage of each paycheck you can contribute. Therefore, it’s important to make regular contributions throughout the year in order to reach the maximum allowable amount. That’s significant, because at the highest marginal rate, you can save more than $7,000 in taxes if you contribute $18,000. Plus, if you’re 50 or older then you can contribute an extra $6,000 more annually, which adds on another $2,000 to your tax savings.

Track Capital Gains & Losses All Year

Investors can experience capital gains and losses at any given time throughout the year, which means those gains and losses need to be managed and harvested properly during the entire year, instead of just at the end of the year. Many investors sell their stocks and other investments at the end of the year in order to cover gains they have made from other funds and reduce their taxes. However, often the smarter move is to actually use your losses on the books from proactive investment decisions, instead of based on tax savings.

Keep Your Estate Under Control

One of the tough decisions wealthy people often have to make is deciding when to move away from asset accumulation and start focusing on reducing the amount on their taxable estate. The timing of this decision is important, because failing to act in time means your estate will continue to grow and so will your tax bill. One way to reduce your tax bill is to take advantage of the annual gift tax limit. At $14,000 per beneficiary you can basically give away free money because it won’t be taxed. If you want to donate to five individuals you can give away up to $70,000 tax-free.

Contact an Experienced Tax Advisor

Smart investors make a lot of money but it takes a tax savvy advisor to help smart investors save on their tax bill. That’s why you should contact GROCO for help with tax planning for your high-net-worth income. We will help you save on your tax bill, even if you are a wealthy investor. Call us today at 1-877-CPA-2006.

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